Maybe you’re in a position that more is more. Or bigger is better. Or size matters. If you are, the Taurus kitset steel shed is for you.

You get two vehicle bays. Drive in one side and out the other, if you like. Or just stick two vehicles in it, side by side. Right next to a mountain of other stuff. Like most people would.

Sizes to suit. Like they say; go big, or go home. And Taurus sheds can get really big!

Get stuck in and bring your Taurus shed to life. Download a Taurus Shed planner PDF. You can also customise a shed to suit your needs with our Custom Kitset Shed Builder.

If a Taurus shed doesn’t quite fit the bull, just get in touch and we can make some tweaks.


Our shed planner is designed to help you configure your shed. She’s pretty simple:
1. Download the brochure for the Taurus shed.
2. Scribble everything you want on it.
3. Send it to us. Email, fax, snail mail, carrier pigeon. Whatever’s easy.
Still not clear? Check out our Shed Planner step-by-step guide.


• Sizes to suit
• Steel gutters & PVC downpipes
• Netting & Underlay in roof
• Clear Span (no internal poles)
• Roller doors size as per below
• Barge, opening & corner flashings

NB: Prices shown on the downloaded pdf may be out of date, please refer to price examples shown below

  • Prices for the Shed Kitsets as shown below are Examples to give you an idea of cost


  • We can design a shed to meet your exact requirements


  • Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll price it for you

SIZE (span x length x stud height) ZINCALUME COLOURSTEEL
8 x 10.5 x 3.0  (Roller Door: 1x 2.5h x 2.75w)  $13,608 +gst  $15,650 incl $14,826 +gst  $17,050 incl
9 x 15 x 3.5  (Roller Doors: 2x 3.0h x 3.0w)  $21,652 +gst  $24,900 incl $23,652 +gst  $27,200 incl
12 x 15 x 4  (Roller Doors: 2x 3.2h x 3.0w)  $27,130 +gst $31,200 incl $29,739 +gst  $34,200 incl
12 x 20 x 4  (Roller Doors: 2x 3.2h x 3.0w) $31,521 +gst  $36,250 incl $34,826 +gst  $40,050 incl 

Delivery to nearest national freight depot is included

Disclaimer: Pricing is subject to individual site conditions. Roller Door delivery arrangements depend on location.

If this isn’t quite what you have in mind and you’d like a custom shed option, check out our Custom Kitset Shed Builder.