Before you build get the shed facts

Check Council Requirements

Visit your local council website to see what regulations apply to your property, eg maximum height of building, distance from the boundary etc

Search using the address and take note of any items listed under the address such as if the address falls into a special catchment area. You will need to consider the rules for the catchment area as well as the zone.

You may need to get reports for one or more of the following:  Soil/Geotechnical , Fire and Drainage/Stormwater

If you cant access the rules via the internet it is always worth calling your local council and asking to speak or book an appointment with the duty planner. They can let you know what you can and cant do as well as provide advice if you will need a resource consent.

Comparing steel sheds to other sheds

There are many advantages to using steel rather than building a timber shed in New Zealand. Here we will  discuss a few of the key advantages

Pole sheds

Wooden poles are buried in the ground and become the main columns, with girts and rafters attached to each pole. The timber poles are often not a consistent diameter, making it more difficult to get walls true and straight. Girts should be notched into the poles, and the internal finish will be rough compared to a steel shed.

Timber framed sheds

Timber framed sheds use stud & nog walls similar to what you find in many homes. You will often see this type of construction used for single or double garages. You are unable to get the clearspan distances and raking ceiling spaces that we are able to achieve with our sheds.

Steel sheds

A steel frame shed uses steel columns anchored to a concrete foundation, making it easy to align columns. The  majority of the components are pre-cut to length with structural bolt holes pre-punched for accuracy. Purlins, girts & cladding are attached using self drilling Tek-screws. Read more about how steel sheds are built.

Comparing Steel Sheds with other Steel Sheds

When looking at the number at the bottom of your quote, know what and what isn’t included in the price. Also look at the quality of materials being used.

We aim to supply a superior product and believe we succeed by including the following as standard on every shed:

  • NZ Steel – Design to Importance Level 2 as a minimum
  • Residential Grade Aluminium Joinery
  • Vermin Flashings
  • Bird brush for Roller Doors & Thermacraft wrap for the roof.

Need a kitset shed?

Book a time to discuss the kitset shed that’s perfect for your needs.