Shed Designer

Use the Online Shed Builder below to create your own customised shed design.
Please be aware this can be slow to load. Press quote to send your design to the No Bull Sheds team for a price.

Sorry the Online Shed Builder requires a minimum screen size of 960 pixels.
Please revisit our website on a desktop computer or laptop to use this feature.

You can change the dimensions, roof pitch, colours and style of your shed with ease, as well as add and remove skylights, windows, internal/external walls, sliding doors, roller doors, glass doors and personal access doors.

And when you’re finished, you can share your 3D shed design with your friends or even email it to yourself for later reference.

If you’d like us to provide you with a quote on your shed design, submit it to us via the app and we will provide you with a price.

Of course the app doesn’t replace the advanced engineering and design software used by our experts.
It’s a tool to help you create a visual design that we can import into our engineering software. From there we will ensure your design is optimised for your site and engineered to comply with the Building Code of New Zealand.

No Bull Sheds have an almost limitless range of design possibilities – as each shed can be customised to suit your exact size and style requirements.
So if there’s something you can’t design in the app that you’d like on your shed, we encourage you to contact us on 0508 662 855 to discuss your needs.

Our app can’t replace the invaluable experience and knowledge of one of our experts so don’t hesitate to call if your needs are beyond the capabilities of the app.

The steel colours shown have been reproduced to represent actual colours as accurately as possible.
However we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual product sample before purchasing as varying light conditions and reproduction limitations affect colour tones.

The design submitted is indicative only. The final details need to be checked by the client on the formal quote provided prior to quote acceptance and ordering.

Openings, building sizes shown are indicative only. Opening clearances and building sizes may need to vary slightly. Please check to ensure all dimensions are suited to your specific needs.

Need a kitset shed?

Book a time to discuss the kitset shed that’s perfect for your needs.