Consent Free Kitset Sheds

Building Consent Exemption changes

Additional building consent exemptions covering low-risk buildings were added to the Building Act and came into effect on 1st September, 2020.

The aim was to reduce the administration cost on low-risk buildings and free the council up to focus on higher-risk projects, ultimately helping to boost productivity across the country.
The new regulations increased the size of some buildings already exempt from the consent process, and added some additional structures to the list.

How can we help?

At No Bull Sheds, we have an extensive range of kitset steel buildings that meet the exemption requirements and can be customised to your needs. These fall into four main building types;

  • Enclosed buildings such as garages or games rooms up to 30 sqm
  • Awnings off existing buildings up to 30 sqm
  • Carports up to 40 sqm
  • Rural sheds and barns up to 110 sqm

All these base buildings have been designed or reviewed by a Chartered Professional Engineer, and are fully customisable in terms of dimensions and the positioning of doors and windows.

  • All our buildings are supplied with a PS1 signed by a Chartered Professional Engineer
  • Every one of our buildings meets the New Zealand Building Code.
  • We can help you through the entire building process including planning, design and construction, and offer a 50 year Durability Statement.
  • Alternatively, we can supply a kitset with instructions for you to build it yourself.

Consent Free Kitset Sheds House Videos from our YouTube Channel

90 sqm Consent Free Premium Rural Implements Shed
30sqm Consent Free Garage Build in Progress
30SQM Consent Free Garage by Waikato Sheds

Consent Free shed projects


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